For over three years now I’ve been listening to a show called Derek & Romaine on Sirius Satellite Radio‘s OutQ channel.  The four-hour show airing from 5-9pm in the Central time zone (6-10pm on the East Coast, 3-7pm on the West) features content ranging from political opinion, to pop culture, to advice on sex and sex toys.  I have found myself addicted to hearing what  hosts Derek and Romaine, producer Sam, associate producer Greg and their guests have to say.  Their regular segments such as What’s Your Gay Problem?, Desperately F#@!@ng Angry! and The Dildo Whisperer are some of my favorites, almost always both entertaining and informational!  And thanks to my Stiletto portable radio, I can satisfy my addiction by listening live on my evening bus commute, then record the rest of the show so I can listen to it the next day.

I’ve mentioned the show before in this blog, and talk incessantly about it to everyone I know, but until last week, only Sirius subscribers could hear the show by tuning into Channel 109.   Now, however, a whole new group of people can enjoy the zany antics of Derek & Romaine, because OutQ is now also available on XM Radio Channel 98!

Now there’s no excuse!  Tune into Derek & Romaine on Sirius 109 and/or XM 98 today!  You may be shocked by what you hear at first, but soon you too will find yourself addicted!