No matter how old we got, Joe was always a big brother to me.

He always looked out for me, and over the years we had a lot of great times together.

I learned a lot from him and I’m a better person because of him.

I’ll miss having him to turn to when I need a big brother around to reassure me.

He had his struggles and setbacks recently, but I was always proud of him —

Proud of all the things he was able to achieve, proud to call him my big brother.


Years ago, Joe showed me around Manhattan and I learned to love the city.

He made me fly alone for the first time to meet him in Las Vegas and I learned to love traveling.

He came with me to a Stevie Nicks concert when no one else wanted to go.

He took me to see bands in Philadelphia and I learned to love local music.

But mostly, Joe encouraged me to have confidence in myself and to push myself in my career – which I’m still working on………..

Those are just a few examples of how he always wanted me to experience the best of life.