I can’t believe it’s the middle of May!  Yesterday I had my 12th anniversary working for Navitaire (and all it’s former names).  It was fairly uneventful in and of itself, although at the end of the month when the anniversary email comes out, I’ll get a few “wows” from co-workers!

Lately it’s been hard to know whether I’m coming or going.  I’m in SLC now, and the weather is strangely hot!  Temps in the 90’s during the day…but beautiful morning and evenings.  Still, it may be a little early for these temps!

Not so true back home!  There, there hasn’t been much other than 50’s and rain…at least when I’ve been there.  Jeff had to mow the lawn this week, as it’s been rainy the whole time I’ve been there.  Even last week when I was in Switzerland…rain (until the day I left to come home)! Continue reading