Tonight we had cooking club at Kevin & Will’s.  Alan and Michele were guests rounding out the table of 8.  We had a leisurely paced meal consisting of frut and nuts, a taglietelle pasta course, and chicken saltimboca for the main course.  Red beets with leeks and a cauliflower dish rounded out the meal.  For dessert, we had a chocolate-almond cake.  Another excellent meal all around!  And good company.

Having just passed our 10th anniversary in January, we may have come to the last regular meeting of our cooking club.  Kevin & Will are about to embark on the next “phase” of their lives…by relocating to Austin, TX.  It’s an exciting opportunity for them, and we wish them the best of luck in their adventure.  There’s talk of a National version of the cooking club, with visits to the corners of the country…so maybe we’ll continue to meet, just a bit less often.  So hopefully we can make that happen!