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Mourning a Loss

No matter how old we got, Joe was always a big brother to me.

He always looked out for me, and over the years we had a lot of great times together.

I learned a lot from him and I’m a better person because of him.

I’ll miss having him to turn to when I need a big brother around to reassure me.

He had his struggles and setbacks recently, but I was always proud of him —

Proud of all the things he was able to achieve, proud to call him my big brother.


Years ago, Joe showed me around Manhattan and I learned to love the city.

He made me fly alone for the first time to meet him in Las Vegas and I learned to love traveling.

He came with me to a Stevie Nicks concert when no one else wanted to go.

He took me to see bands in Philadelphia and I learned to love local music.

But mostly, Joe encouraged me to have confidence in myself and to push myself in my career – which I’m still working on………..

Those are just a few examples of how he always wanted me to experience the best of life.

2008 Almost Over

Can’t believe the year is almost over - the last entry I posted was to recap the 1/2 marathon in June and now the Twin Cities 10-miler has come and gone. I did very well in the 10-mile this year despite the rainy weather, so I’m looking forward to the next race in the spring of ’09 when I can do another 1/2 marathon. It helps to have the great trails in Elm Creek park so close to the house to do my training runs.

Thanskgiving was great as usual, now we’re ready for Christmas, and then my favorite time of year – snowboarding season!

Race recap and Deck

The 1/2 marathon wet well despite the tough course — Lots of bridges to crosss back and forth over the Mississippi and a lot of steep hills. My finish time wasn’t too shabby, but next year will be better.

Otherwise, we FINALLY got around to staining the deck – I’m sure the neighbors are thrilled. It looks great – we’ll see how long a 5-yr deck stain lasts in MN.

Leave it to us to pick the hottest day in July to sain the deck!

Start of the Summer?

The weather has been less than summer-like, but a fun wedding and an upcoming race are getting me in the mood. Last weekend we went to Betsy and Nathan’s wedding in WI and had a great time visiting with everyone

This coming weekend I’m running the downtown 1/2 marathon. It’s been tough getting ready during allergy season, but I think it’ll go well, but the ‘post run’ brunch will be the best part.

Here’s a few shots from the wedding–

 dscn0134_edited-1.jpg dscn0139.jpg dscn0138.jpg

My Summer Recap

Yes, it was a busy summer. A quick quick recap? Let’s see….

…Kevin’s parents and aunt Mary visited from WI for a weekend, painted the bathroom, got new kitchen counters installed, went to Chicago for the True Colors tour, went to Milwaukee for Ken’s 40th birthday, went to South Carolina to visit my family, saw Spamalot, helped a friend move, misc summer parties, visited friends in Seattle, finished the wood floors in the last room upstairs —

Oh and training for my 10 mile race, which by the way, I did very well in this past Sunday despite the unusually warm weather.

Jeff 10 Mile



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