Lots of posts for one night…but I’ve been remiss in posting my thoughts as they happen. Maybe for you, that’s a good thing because I would probably get way too deep into details that really don’t matter. But then again, that’s how my brain works. And if a blog is supposed to be a window into my brain…well that’s just a scary thought.

Today I used the Internet to get some help from my good friend Jed. We used MSN messenger including voice conversations so he could help me work on some web site enhancements for the flying club. Jed is 12 hours away..in Sri Lanka. It was almost like he was still in SLC! Of course, I also chat frequently with Chris and other friends in the good old US of A as well. But somehow that isn’t as exotic.

I also made a telephone call to my friend Stephen in Nice, France. I used my Broadvoice VOIP service and talked clear as day for 21 minutes for only $0.63. Amazing…63 cents for a 20 minute call to Europe! And again, great quality. The world is shrinking and as Martha would say, “It’s a good thing!”