So I’m commuting again to Salt Lake City (SLC) for work…and on one recent trip my Hertz rental car was equipped with a Sirius Satellite radio receiver. I was curious, so I turned it on and fumbled through the channels as I drove through the airport exit. What did I find? Sirius OutQ … gay talk radio! I couldn’t believe my ears! I had to check it out.

Sure enough, Sirius has a GLBT station mixed in with their other talk and music stations. By visiting, you can sign up to listen to their programming over the internet on your computer for a few days. So I did. I was hooked!

To do my due diligence at Best Buy, comparing Sirius to XM, I decided to stick with Sirius..mostly because of OutQ. I picked up a “plug and play” receiver and have been using it at home, in my car and in rental cars for a month now. It’s great.

Jeff’s not as excited about the talk radio stations, but he’s admitted that he likes the music selections (as do I). But the best part is that the programming covers the nation (and Canada). So drives from any point to any other don’t require finding new stations! My next trip to Wisconsin should be awesome. Come to think of it, I could probably plug it into the audio panel on one of the airplanes too…Sirius in the sky!

Technology is amazing…